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Michael Lewis is an inspirational (and humorous) speaker.
Michael Marjie David Christina LewisMichael Lewis and his wife, Marjie, have devoted themselves to serving the Lord since their late teens. Committed to the call of discipleship and evangelism – the Lord has blessed them with the talents and spiritual gifts necessary to accomplish the vision He has placed in their hearts. Their two oldest children, David and Christina, are also available as speakers for College and High School events. Below is a partial list of commonly requested workshops.
Intensive Ministry for Your Church
Many Churches are booking Michael Lewis for multiple back-to back events. We are seeing great spiritual impact resulting from this intensive ministry. Below is a sample schedule:
Concert for local Christian High School
Workshop for Church Musicians followed by Contemporary Music Group Practice
& Sunday
Michael is Guest Worship Leader for One Song at all Liturgies / Services and leads the Youth and Contemporary Music Group Liturgies / Services.
Spark Night – open to everyone seeking more with God – especially those who were touched by the Lord during the concert and would like more time to be ministered to.
Workshop for Staff & Lay Ministers


Michael has been privileged to be part of several dynamic church music programs in Catholic and Non-Denominational settings. He offers advice from 26 years of music ministry experience as well as experience leading worship for major conferences and as a band leader with some of today's most respected worship leaders. Michael has brought contemporary music into all denominational settings with great acceptance. In this workshop, he shares the dynamics of leading a congregation into an experience of joyful praise and intimate worship.

Michael has developed a wealth of contempoary worship resources. He has written a number of beautiful songs from the psalms in a format conducive for contemporary Liturgy, LifeTeen, and congregational worship. He also has written complete responses for the "parts of the mass".

Open to your entire congregation at every stage in their walk with the Lord. Begins with a time of praise and worship to enter the presence of God. Exhorts everyone to become a "seamless Christian" – where the Lord's presence is with them not just on Sundays but all week long in every detail of their lives. Personal life testimony and examples encourage placing Jesus at the center of your life, marriage, family, job, school, and recreation.
A highly motivating workshop designed to focus your church's staff and ministry volunteers on the Lord's vision for their personal lives and for the ministries they are called to. Emphasizes every minister's call to discipleship and a deeper relationship with the Lord. Covers working in unity towards achieving a common goal – the upbuilding of the Lord's kingdom in the lives of your entire congregation.
Michael and Marjie have ministered in inner healing for over 20 years and have seen many miracles of transformation! This workshop focuses on repentance as the key to freedom. Offers wisdom from the desert fathers in overcoming faults and growing in virtue. For those who wish, there is time towards the end of the workshop for individual prayer with the Lewises.
Holy Spirit Dove - flame
Long-time members of every church need times of spiritual awakening and renewal – to fan into flame their zeal for the Lord. New church members and youth need to be evangelized to enable them to make a firm, lasting commitment to walk as a Christian. The goal of this exciting seminar is to turn church members into on-fire disciples for Jesus! Focuses on God as Trinity – Jesus our Lord, God our Father, and the Holy Spirit's active role in our lives. Pursues the path of discipleship – following Jesus and growing in the fruit of the Spirit. Introduces the gifts of the Spirit and encourages everyone to embrace active ministry in the Body of Christ. Recommended for adults and high school students.
How to move from basic Christianity to a deeper walk of discipleship. This talk begins in the gospel of Matthew, highlighting various aspects of our call to be disciples and concludes with an exhortation to follow Jesus with all your heart, mind, soul and strength!
Michael and Marjie can present a wide range of workshops on dating and marriage. How to center your relationship around God, how to keep the romance alive. They also have much wisdom to impart in raising godly children and creating a joyful family atmosphere in your home.
This seminar is critical to any church that wishes to be pro-life and strengthen marriages. Michael and Marjie are certified instructors for the sympto-thermal method affiliated with Northwest Family Services in Portland, OR. This is the most advanced method of Natural Family Planning we know of – providing the effectiveness of "The Pill" (without its abortifacient potential).
This seminar can help the Christian understand how God is calling them through prayer, scripture, spiritual directors, trusted members of the body of Christ and the teachings of the church. Encourages self-examination and discusses warning signs of how we can be led astray.
A more advanced topic – based on Romans 12. Identify God-given characteristics in your personality which enable you to serve a unique role in the Body of Christ. Encourages teamwork and understanding of how different gifts are meant to compliment one another.
Michael and Marjie founded and developed two thriving eccumencal prayer groups in California and Switzerland. From these successful experiences, they share the fundamentals of a good prayer group – the importance of having a vision, growing in virtue, discipling others to raise them up in their gifts, and outreach evangelism.
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