Michael Lewis Ministry - One of CCMs hottest performing guitarists

Michael Lewis with Redwood Taylor Guitar - Mt. Shasta

Dan O'Neill"Michael Lewis is an extraordinarily talented musician with a powerful message framed in the contemporary musical format of jazz. Not only is he a technical wizard in production, but he is a powerful presence in concert as he communicates the gospel through his craft. I highly recommend any church... to receive Michael Lewis' ministry as a timely intervention of renewal through music."

Dan O'Neill - Christian Author &
Founder, Mercy Corps International
Entertainer Pat Boone's Son-in-law

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Michael Lewis is an on-fire Christian, professional musician,
gifted worship leader and seminar speaker.


Thom Price, EWTN"Michael has incredible musical and production talents.... And happily, this humble man gives all the credit to God. That alone should be inspirational to all of us."

Thom Price
EWTN Global Radio, Birmingham, AL

Joyce Cooling"Michael, such tasty stuff. Killer tone. Nice Feel. Magical Music!"

Joyce Cooling
Narada Records

Ed Kee"Michael Lewis is a gifted musician and an artist to watch in the field of Christian Jazz. He's got his finger on the pulse of the smooth jazz market. Great playing and good production make his projects among the best I've heard."

Ed Kee - Director of A&R
Brentwood Jazz

"Michael Lewis is one of the smoothest guitar players we've ever heard, and we believe his audiences will really enjoy his ministry."

Dudley Smith, President
ICM Records Group


Cool Christmas CD

"Michael Lewis' album "A Very Cool Christmas" is a joy to listen to, both for its content and musicianship.

Ed Alves - Taylor Guitars
Vice President, Marketing

"I received your "Very Cool Christmas" CD ­ it's fantastic! I ran this CD "up front" (as one of the first couple of songs on the show) every week until the week after New Year's. It's still on my playlist ­ I can't get enough of it! I think I will be playing Early Christmas Morning year round... Man, you've got flavor!!! I praise God for your ministry and am thrilled to know you."

Michael Canaan - Lion of God Communications, Charlotte, NC

Michael's Christmas Album is fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Rosemary Tomy - Tucson, AZ

River of God

"Michael Lewis' 'River of God' CD will bless your heart and bring you into an experience with God like never before."

Dudley Smith, President
ICM Records

"What a delightful surprise to find your recording "River of God" for sale at a local Christian bookstore. I listened to about 30 seconds of a demo tape and quickly bought it. It is so refreshing to know that Christians are producing and releasing quality contemporary instrumental music. Thank you for letting God use your gifts to glorify him and for sharing your beautiful music with the body."

Gordon & Pamela Anderson
Portland, OR

El Shaddai

"The praise and worship service I attended was awesome! I felt the power of God renewed in me! I also bought a CD..."El Shaddai"... The whole CD is surely inspired by the Holy Spirit, the listener is anointed with God's presence throughout!"

Philip Turgati - Prayer Group Leader
Ocala, Florida

"Michael, I've been playing your "El Shaddai" CD in my office all day and can't stop playing it! Everytime it stops, I tell myself that I'll only play it one more time... then I keep playing it over and over! Finally had to come over and buy a couple more of your albums to give me a little more variety... The feedback we've gotten from your concert is wonderful. EVERYONE we've talked to absolutely loved your performance."

Cheryl Whalen - Church Secretary, Brewer, ME

"I'm listening to your "Sing a New Song" album right now. I cannot possibly tell you how many times this tape has brought me out of the depths of depression I sometimes get into. Continue to be an instrument in the hands of God."

Scott Armas - Drummer
Applegate Christian Fellowship, Ruch, OR


Sweeter Love

"Your song Sweeter Love was very impressive and represents the quality of music we look for when sending to our clients such as Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers."

Josh Zandman - Song & Film

The View from Here is Cool

"Yeah, this is just what we need: more songs with encouraging messages to reaffirm the joy of living."

Bernhard Tieff

"Cool is the word my man! Excellent production and sterling vocals drive this hook laden pop tune destined to be a classic. Very accessable and likeable sound to the vocalist's voice. Very tight drums and guitar work as well. Tasty track indeed! Kudos!"

Aaron David Bradley

"Good production, good music, original sound, excellent vocals (Reminds me a little of Richard Marx), also good theme and lyrics....An overall pro piece of material!"

Michael McGee

"This track has a great feel to it. A really tight rhythm section, cool vocals and Michael's distinctive guitar. Have a listen.....I can vouch that the rest of the CD that he has available is hot too."

Brian Ralston – Sydney, Australia

The Sun Still Shines

"Talent just DRIPS off th' strings of your guitar, & I must say, this is one of the sweetest, most groovin', jazz/blues tunes I've listened to in 2005. SUPERB... this gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me!"

Dick Metcalf – Olympia, WA

"Another jazzy uplifting tune from a very talented artist. Kind of a Pat Metheny feel to the guitar work here. I guess I'll have to buy the CD won't I? Great job!"

Brian Ralston – Sydney, Australia

"Superb production, just superb! Excellent vocal tracks, steady groove, top-notch musicianship and a provocative message of truth. Listen up people, here's a diamond in the rough"

Texas Jeff

"Man is this not only a great song but the sound of this track is just so perfect. Nice chorus on this song and the singing is beautiful. This is some really good feel music that the world needs more of. And then that sax comes in and the goosepipples just run all over your body. The guitar playing and the sound you get is really sweet and heavenly. This is an artist whose future is bright and it's already shining like a new star."

Guy Michetti – New York City

Early Christmas Morning

"BEAUTIFUL TRACK!!!!! Wow, great Smooth Jazz track with great playing, mix and production."

DiCarlo – Berlin, Germany

"You play some of the best jazz guitar on the planet (straight up)! Great composition (haven't heard anything from you I don't like)! Pro mix and production (what else)!"



"Once the concert was over I went home and prayed. I felt like I knew more about Christ than I ever have. You were right when you said it's better to begin to know Christ at a younger age. Listening to your music and the words just made me feel like God was right there and I began to know more about him. I always didn't know why I was at church, but now I want to go to church all the time... You made me a better teen and most of all a better person in God. I now know what he is really about."

Christ the King Church, Moline, IL

I was at your concert this past Wednesday. I'm still talking about it and it's Friday. Your music is so refreshing, (coming from a jazz genre.) I thought I was going to hear another typical Christian performer -- I was blown away!"

Jean Pomanowski
New Monmouth, NJ

I attended the concert at St. Michael's and I was simply blown away!  I truly felt Jesus was there among us. It was the first time I have ever felt Him in that way...  My daughter also came and she was very moved. Thank you for your wonderful Ministry; we were truly blessed to have you here with us.

"Laura Grulber, Wheeling, WV

"You have a GOD given talent! I could tell your playing style comes from your heart and that is what makes it so special!"

Jim Elliott, Guitarist - Kentucky

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Steve Fry“Michael Lewis brings to his ministry that rare blend of expert musicianship and a keen sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. His passion for Christ shines through his every song, and he knows how to gently lead people in worship to a place of encountering God’s presence.”

Steve Fry - Pastor, Author, Recording Artist (Sparrow Records)

Rob Frazier"Michael Lewis is a fine musician and a warm and wonderful brother in Christ. His integrity and focus on the things of God are borne out by the support of his wife."

Rob Frasier - District Pastor
Belmont Church, Nashville, TN

& former band member of "Petra"

Fr. Mark Moretti"I have hosted Michael Lewis for workshops and concerts at two parishes. His ministry is a dynamic way to touch people's busy lives with the presence of the Lord."

Rev. Mark Moretti, Pastor
Woodbridge, VA
Chaplain to the Pentagon

"We had the pleasure of having Michael Lewis and his group with us a few weeks ago. What a delightful performance! Their music ministers to the young and old alike. Our entire congregation enjoyed them. We feel that Michael Lewis is a man after God's heart and desires to do what God has told him to do. We recommend his ministry to you and to your congregation. They will be truly a blessing to you."

Pastor Bob Longan - Medford, OR
Victory Christian Center

Fr. Douglas Mosey"Michael, thank you so very much for sharing your faith, family life, and ministry of music with us. The concert was faith-filled, inspiring and enjoyable!"

Very Rev. Douglas Mosey, CSB
Rector-President, Holy Apostles Seminary, Cromwell, CT

Pastor Jimmy Russell"Michael, Thank You for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and celebrate with us, as Cornerstone Worship Center was birthed. Your God-given talent and anointing on the guitar was such a blessing to everyone. A lot of people were asking if you was going to be a part of Cornerstone Worship Center's praise band, I told them I wish God would work it out that way."

Pastor Jimmy Russell
Cornerstone Worship Center
Clarksville, TN

Fr. Tom Keller

"Michael Lewis is a man with a message -- he'll warm your hearts with humor and the love of the Lord. He's a blessing to every church."

Rev. Thomas Keller
Pastor - Ketchum, ID

"Michael's concert had the effect of a parish mission."

Rev. Richard Dellos
Pastor - Utica, NY

"Michael, I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for your generosity and your servant's attitude. We enjoyed your stay up here and the blessing of your ministry. Next time we'll have to spread the word to the other affiliate fellowships in the area."

Pastor Pat Love - Poulsbo, WA
Poulsbo Christian Fellowship

"Dear Michael-- Many thanks for your ministry among us this past weekend, not only at worship and the concert, but with my husband and me as well. It has been a real joy to be with you. May God bless you and your sweet family as you continue to search and serve."

Kellee Bellile - Music Minister
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Spokane, WA

"I know as a pastor I just feel sometimes if you put one more thing on my plate, I'm going to crumble. But actually, the Lewis Family Ministry ministered to me ­ not only to my congregation. When they came in, they renewed me. It was like having my own personal retreat."

Rev. Cecil Spotswood
Pastor - Diocese of Mobile, AL

Fr. Dave Gutmann"Michael is a devout and committed Christian. His family takes their faith very seriously... Michael has the best of motives for his ministry. He has touched many lives through his own witness and his music and it is a pleasure to recommend him."

Rev. David Gutmann, Pastor
Archdiocese of Portland, OR

"The response from the people was incredible ­ it was a highly spirited evening and it had a very deep impact on them... What I appreciated about your concert was that it was not merely entertaining music. You gave a little Jewish history, a little humor, a little theology; but most of all you wished to bring us together in prayer before the Triune God... I felt that you were singing a prayer and lifting up other souls to pray with you. We hope to arrange another concert with you..."

Rev. Joel Rogers, CPM
Pastor - Glasgow, KY

"Michael, thanks for all the last minute work you did on "the Messiah." You bailed us out!! It was great to have you as part of the team. God bless you in your service to Him."

Steve Hopkins - Assoc. Pastor
Applegate Christian Fellowship
Ruch, OR

"Thank you for sharing the Lord with us. I was blessed richly. Please continue in your resolve to serve the Lord as He has called."

Pastor John Diehm - Lake Shastina Community Bible Church, Weed, CA

"Just a few words to let you know how pleased I was with the concert you presented here.... The music... was refreshingly new and different and awakened the 'spirit' in all of us. Your message was also inspiring and encouraging.

Something else I must comment on is the spirit which seemed to permeate your family; wife and children, as well as yourself. The happiness that was evident in each of you spoke of a genuine, spirit-filled family. You related this spirit in your presentation very well. I heard people comment that they needed something like your concert every once in awhile to keep them going. Thank you for coming and God bless your ministry..."

Rev. Frank Buckman
Pastor - Diocese of Baker, OR

"Through his music, Michael strives to draw others to Christ, to see our Lord as the focal point of their lives. Audiences are inspired not only by his music, but his sincere, open approach in speaking about his relationship with our Lord. They see how he knows a conversion process is always taking place in his own life. I wholeheartedly recommend Michael Lewis as a musician and Christian who is a credit to his profession and faith."

Rev. Daniel Reynolds, Pastor Archdiocese of Portland, OR

"Thank you so much for bringing your musical gifts and ministry to our church. It is obvious that the Spirit has truly gifted you."

Rev. Steve Sallis, Pastor
Archdiocese of Seattle

Fr. Joe McDonald"Thanks for blessing us with your praise..."

Very Rev. Joseph McDonald
Pastor - Boise Diocese


"Your hard work and love for people have impacted many lives. You're truly making a difference in His Kingdom. God bless you and your ministry."

Nancy Aquadro
Youth Ministry, Georgia

"Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your message and music... Your message of continual growth and change is so needed... Keep up your work for Christ."

Rebecca Moak, Richland, WA

"We here at Christ the King Prayer Group were so appreciative of you and your family coming and sharing your gift of music with us. You were a real blessing to many and we hope you will come again."

Barbara Rappe, Richland, WA

Thank you for sharing your love for Christ with our church! May God bless you in your ministry as He has blessed us through you!

St. Edward Church
Lebanon, Oregon

"We were privileged to hear you perform at our church several years ago... Thanks again for your wonderful music ministry... We're still playing your tapes and enjoying them immensely."

Michael & Teresa Drollman
Kirkland, WA

"I saw you perform in Memphis and was impressed. I bought a
couple of your cd's, my family and I are enjoying listening to you. We just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work and let you know that you have at least nine new fans out there."
Don Brewer - Memphis, TN

"Your stories were told from the heart
and your music is played from the heart.
You were uplifting and inspirational."

Concert Attendee, New York

John Michael Talbot"Michael Lewis is a dedicated.. Christian and one of the finest jazz guitarists I have heard. Having dedicated his work to Christ and theChurch, both he and his family have sacrificed to fulfill the call. I find him a breath of fresh air within charismatic circles. I also greatly appreciate his ability to give his musical presentation as an outreach to youth and to young adults and to minister to the more broad Christian audience in general."

John Michael Talbot
Word Records Artist & Author
formerly with Warner Bros. Records

Jerry Usher"Michael Lewis is a tremendously gifted musician who also brings to his concerts a spirit-filled message of discipleship which, as I have personally witnessed over the years, has touched many lives and brought many people to a closer walk with Jesus."

Jerry Usher - Nationally Syndicated Christian Radio Host

"About your visit here... WOW! God is moving in a mighty way in our church and in my life. You coming to minister to us at this point in our journey was certainly no mistake... Thank you for your obedience to the call of the Lord."

Dana Fanning
Children's Choir Director
Christ the King Church, Moline, IL

Richard Bray"Michael Lewis, through his professional quality music and bold sharing of God's Word, is inviting all of us to focus our lives totally and completely on Jesus Christ. His concerts are an excellent opportunity, in a relaxed manner, to hear the challenge of Christ's message to live radical lives for the Kingdom. I have come to know the Lewis' music ministry and heartily recommend them to churches who are interested in the spiritual renewal and encouragement of their people.

As former Northwest coordinator for the Christian Broadcasting Network's (CBN) Operation Blessing and now Church Relations Manager with Mercy Corps International, I am aware of the wonderful ways that God is using Christian music to touch the hearts of his people.

I have spent time with the Lewis family and was impressed with their sacrificial commitment to their music ministry and Christian lifestyle. I highly endorse Michael Lewis' music ministry to any church which is interested in supporting its people, especially young people and young married families, to live a counter-cultural lifestyle. Their ministry is pleasing to the ear and challenging to the soul!"

Richard Bray
Church & Community Relations Manager, Mercy Corps International

"Michael Lewis – you are a true servant leader. I look forward to seeing what God has up His sleeve for you!"

Michael Mellett - Worship Leader
Belmont Church, Nashville, TN

"We at Christ the King prayer group have experienced many speakers and teachers who, in coming, encouraged us to invite non-Catholic people and then we cringed with embarrassment during the presentation. I thank God for Michael who, in his presentation, helps all to feel welcome with the focus of the event being on Jesus and worshiping Him."

Robert & Linda Schweiger
Prayer Group Leaders, Richland, WA

"I encourage those who may have the opportunity to have Michael minister in their area to do so. Michael's love for the Lord and desire to serve Him through word and song will bless and inspire you and all who attend."

Richard Haak
Pastoral Leader for Charismatic Renewal, Sacramento, CA

"Michael brought his lovely family, a great gift for playing the jazz guitar and a strong faith in Jesus Christ to his Praise Concert at our church. The music was fantastic and the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident during his performance. Our only regret is that we didn't have every one of our young adults present to hear his music and his message, and to experience God's touch that evening. Everyone we spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the concert."

Chuck & Barb Matzker, Holy Apostles Church, Colorado Springs

"Thank you for your wonderful music! We so enjoyed listening to you and singing with you at our Youth Mass that Sunday evening.  Your presence helped make it a very special night!" 

Heather Bonner - Youth Minister
Merrimack, NH

"...I was so impressed to see your dedicated, whole family, devoted to God. With smiles on each face, you can see the love of God in their eyes. Children in ministry are so important. I applaud you for all you do for the kingdom of God. I know your family ministry is a "gift" from God and a blessing unto Him. May you continue in service to Him..."

Mary Asbury
Church Secretary - Bluefield, WV


"...Something else I must comment on is the spirit which seemed to permeate your family; wife and children, as well as yourself. The happiness that was evident in each of you spoke of a genuine, spirit-filled family. You related this spirit in your presentation very well..."

Rev. Frank Buckman
Pastor - Klamath Falls, OR

"You and your family are LIVING SAINTS. The wonderful work that you are doing is without a doubt most pleasing to God.  How you glorify Him through your musical ministry!!  To see how you are successfully rearing your family in a world full of filth, greed, and godlessness is refreshing to say the least.

Pat & Joe Mudd, Louisville, KY

"We sure enjoyed your music, message, and family at Christ The King in Moline!!! You have an amazing family!

Maureen O'Hearn
Christ the King Church, Moline, IL

"Thank you so much for the concert... Michael, I really enjoyed the songs you sang. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your music. I was glad I helped in the set up for the concert. It was beautiful to see your family all working together. I could see the love of Christ in each member of your family. It was a blessing for me to see how your family shares the gospel of Christ, "the good news", with others. To see your family living the gospel message brought great joy to my soul!"

Paul Macik, Frederick, MD


"Michael's music ministry is not meant to only entertain. Rather the main thrust of his ministry is to give witness and testimony to God through his music. He uses many opportunities between songs to provide short teachings, reflections and challenges. His music is contemporary and his message challenging."

Dr. John Krebsbach, Forest Grove, OR

"Thank you for such a great performance... It was a shot in the arm that this church has needed for some time."

Steve Van Dyke , New Jersey

"Thank you so much for the many sacrifices you made for everyone, including me at Christ the King. I'm looking forward to seeing the many seeds planted here blooming into awesome gifts from God."

Donna Bender
Christ the King Church, Moline, IL

"You have certainly been chosen by the Lord to spread His word in a very meaningful way. He opens the hearts and souls of those He wants to hear and understand your message and you give the message He places in your hearts in a very special way. I praise Him and thank Him for that and thank you both for following His choice to use you both in this ministry...."

Joan Desclos, Donelson, TN

"About a year ago... you came to Coos Bay, Oregon and sang and played at our fellowship. The way you played and sang was wonderful and the way you love the Lord is obvious..."

Julia Fleming
Coos Bay Christian Fellowship, OR

"I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed the two tapes I bought at one of your concerts last summer. My children have practically taken them over from me. My sons are convinced that if the kids at school could hear them, they'd realize how good Christian music can be and not be so interested in 'those dumb rock stars they're listening to.' So, while I bought the tapes because I like them, I must also thank you for giving my children quality Christian music in a style that appeals to young people."

Dixie Miles - Aberdeen, WA

"Michael Lewis is not only a fine musician with a quality of being able to appeal to all ages, but he is of fine character as well. His offstage moments speak loudly of his love and concern for his fellow man and for his family. The people of our church received him with joy. I head many favorable comments after the concert. It was an enjoyable experience for us. I pray for your success, Michael, not as the world views success, but as God knows it... Thanks again for allowing us the pleasure to have visited with you and your family in our home."

Colleen Quirk - Klamath Falls, OR

"There's such a need for contemporary Christian music. All of my daughter's CDs are contemporary Christian. So for us to have a contemporary Christian artist come (to our church), we weren't going to miss this! Our kids need this type of ministry and you need to get out to more churches because they want this music and they are going to go to other places to get it. We're going to lose them if we don't bring in people like you. And you're right on track with your music and your family and your spirituality. It's a beautiful ministry."

Bonnie Wilcome, Glasgow, KY

Michael Lewis CDs