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photo scrapbook

Michael-concert Michael & kids-WV pray
Brewer, Maine Michael with Jordan and volunteers from the audience in Wheeling, WV Closing Prayer
World Youth Day-Michael performing

World Youth Day '93

Michael performing after Pope John Paul IIs mass at Cherry Creek Park in Colorado

world youth day crowd
Couples Retreat, Rockford, IL Watertown Jazz Festival Michael-Futon
Couples' Retreat - Rockford, IL Watertown Jazz Festival Pleasant View, TN
Michael-studio Michael and Rod Lee in Austin studio
Michael in the studio Michael with Rod Lee at
The Backyard • Austin, TX
Michael in the studio
Michael & strat snow concert White Tux
Fender Strat Rare snowfall in Nashville
setting for "Pray for Me" video
Gibson 335 Michael with Radio Daze 23-Piece Big Band Concert

Jazz Store

The "Jazz" store • Nashville, TN

Brecker Bros. Concert

Brecker Brothers
Nashville Jazz

Michael (far left)

Fr. Joel Cyr Fr. Joel Cyr Fr. Joel Cyr
Fr. Joel Cyr, pastor in Brewer, Maine, dons a cap attached to a long blonde braid, straps on Michael's Fender Strat
and lip-syncs "What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love" • His April Fools Day Debut as a rock star!
We spotted two "CYR" tour busses on the highway as we headed south to our next stop...
Michael & Jordan Michael-joke Champlain
Jordan & Michael • Nashville Brewer, Maine Champlain, New York
radio daze big band Caffe Milano A-Team Guitarists
Radio Daze Big Band at Vanderbilt University • Michael standing (far right) Radio Daze Big Band at Caffe Milano Michael standing (far left) Michael takes a break from recording and returns to find his job taken!


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