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So you've been checking this page for months wondering what the next big news is right? We'll... the cat's out of the bag, I do have a new song that was co-written with John Mayer and everybody wants to know about it. No John and I aren't buds from High School, he just got writers block on a tune and made the lyrics available to see what some songwriters could do with it -- it just so happens (much to my surprise) I got inspired with it. You'll probably see a number of songs emerge with similar lyrics, don't be alarmed -- they aren't rippin' off my lyrics. The song is called "Beyond The Curve." It's a must listen and you can catch it here:


This will be going on the upcoming Heart Strings project slated to be released... hmm, ok, let's just say soon. Heart Strings will be a pop/adult contemporary release with several new love songs -- yes love songs. The response to these new songs has been mind boggling positive!

I know that many of you are fans from exposure to my jazz and Christian music and we haven't forgotten about you. I haven't stopped being a jazz/blues guitarist and I haven't given up my Christian faith either, I'm just expanding my horizons and reaching a broader range of folks.

With Heart Strings in progress, we are simultaneously working on a new jazz instrumental release that will include instrumental versions of songs from Heart Strings and from Discovery. If you're still asking "what kind of artist is Michael Lewis?" The answer is simple: I'm a pop artist who has skills as a jazz/blues guitarist and lives my life as a Christian. To put it in perspective -- John Mayer is a pop artist who has skills as a blues guitarist and chooses NOT to be a Christian.

We will continue to offer Christian concerts and as always, you can expect to see me performing at jazz and blues festivals on a regular basis. For fans of Michael Lewis the jazz artist, you can visit OneStreetOver.com. Christian music is still found under ministry on my main page but will soon have it's own domain at MichaelLewisMinistry.com

If you're wondering when we are going to release the new song I recorded with Phil Keaggy, it will come out as a jazz instrumental first, then as a vocal tune on a Christian album. Phil Keaggy is well known as one of the best Christian guitarists on the planet: www.philkeaggy.com and it was an honor to do a song with him. Michael Lewis and Phil Keaggy fans will both enjoy this tune a lot.

And for the Fuchs amp fans out there, yes, Phil did use my Scott Lerner modified 30 watt ODS on the recording and he was knocked out by it, absolutely loved it, totally dug it etc... (and that's an understatement.)

We are still planning distribution through iTunes -- stay tuned for that. As always you can go to the music store and pick up a CD here:


Speaking of Fuchs amplifiers, it must not be overlooked that the overwhelming improvement in my electric guitar tone in recent years has been made possible in part, not only by Andy Fuchs, but also his right hand R&D guy; Scott Lerner, who has masterfully dialed in the amps I'm using and done so much to refine the tone of Andy's marvelous creations. Scott and Andy are a phenomenal team, not to mention good friends and just all around great people (and good guitarists too!) Many guitartists will be reaping the benefits of their work for years to come. Many thanks to both you guys -- you are the best!

If you're a guitar player, you may want to skip over to the Radical Tone section of our website to catch the latest news and tips for great tone. If you haven't been to our forums lately, you need to go there. It is unbelievable what is happening on those pages! There is a huge community growing with many new members, tons of great info and fun things to do. We've had as many as 205 users on our forum pages at the same time and you'll find everything from science fiction to sports to weather and nifty downloads for your computer. Click here to go to the forums.

If you're on myspace, you can add Michael Lewis at the following pages:

http://www.myspace.com/michaellewis1 or for jazz: http://www.myspace.com/onestreetover1 or for Christian: http://www.myspace.com/LifeteenClarksville

Feel free to send us an email -- it is wonderful to hear from friends we have met on our tours, folks we may meet on an upcoming tour or people who are just interested in what we're doing! Thanks so much for checking in with us!

Blessings on you and your family!

Michael Lewis & family

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One last thing... become part of our street team! You can help support the music! Tell your friends about us, send a link of our website to all your friends, add us on myspace, tell your favorite radio station, music store etc... to play or carry Michael's music. You can always purchase CD's, cassettes, order a video or DVD from our music store. You can also make a donation with the donation button in the Headlines Column to the right. The best thing you can do is encourage your local music festival, pop venue or church to sponsor a concert -- the response to our concerts is always overwhelming and after all, that's what it's all about.

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Michael Signs with Spirit Jazz Records
In 2004, Michael signed on with Spirit Jazz Records based in North Carolina. Spirit Jazz was founded by Dudley Smith who was a worship leader for a worldwide traveling evangelist. Dudley has led praise gatherings for thousands of people around the world and has many stories of the amazing and wonderful things God has done through his ministry. Dudley has a personal love for jazz and has expressed great enthusiasm for Michael's work.

Spirit Jazz will be releasing Michael's smooth jazz material to radio and distribution to retail stores everywhere. And yes, after a long wait, you will finally be seeing Michael Lewis albums available in a store near you!
Michael Lewis Endorses Fuchs Amps

Michael has signed on as an endorsed artist for Fuchs Amps. Built by Andy Fuchs of New Jersey, these amps are quickly becoming known as one of the finest boutique amps in the world. Michael and his family visited the Andy and Annette Fuchs during our Fall tour and Michael was presented with a new custom designed amp head (see photo).

Just before our Spring concerts, Scott Lerner, who does R&D for Fuchs amps, updated and hand tweaked the Fuchs amps that Michael is using. Expect to hear some outstanding guitar tones on Michael's upcoming projects.

Michael has also become the Nashville Rep for Fuchs Amps and is quickly acquiring a growing list of happy customers. If you are interested in purchasing a Fuchs guitar amp, there is more information available on our new Fuchs amp page. Michael also has a newsletter on tone called "The Tone Zone." As a veteran session player, Michael has a lot of great advice on how to dial in your sound. Sign up on the Fuchs amp page.

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For a limited time, we are offering The Sun Still Shines as a free downwload to visitors of our site.
Michael Teams Up with Spirit Jazz Records
Michael signs recording contract with Spirit Jazz Records... read more
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New Demos Now Online
Samples of Michael Lewis recording with the new Fuchs ODS amplifier:
sunjazz3.mp3 thestone.mp3
Listen to a 7-Minute Demo
of Michael's Christian music at: musmin04.mp3
Listen to an 8-Minute Demo
of Michael's session guitar playing at: GTRDMO04.mp3
Michael Lewis On Nationwide Radio
Spirit Jazz Records has released a new instrumental version of The Sun Still Shines to smooth jazz and Christian radio -- make sure and request it!
Michael Lewis and Fuchs Amps
Elite guitar amp manufacturer Fuchs Amps adds Michael Lewis to their list of endorsed artists.
Lewis Family's Website of America
A beautiful and informative site for students, families and visitors. AwesomeAmerica.com
Michael with worship band at Belmont Church
Michael playing guitar with Rob Frazier's Worship Band at Belmont Church on Music Row in Nashville. One of the original members of Petra, Rob has a long history with contemporary Christian music.
Michael Lewis at Promise Keepers Studio Session
Michael and his son, David, recording vocals with a great group of Christian guys for the new Promise Keepers album.
Michael and Andy Fuchs
Andy Fuchs showing the features on a new custom modified OverDrive Supreme Amp he made for Michael. October 5, 2004
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  Furman Electronics
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Michael in studio
Check this out! We have posted an amazing, 8.5 minute MP3 featuring Michael's guitar work on various projects over the last seven years. Click here to listen
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After touring through nearly every state in our great nation, The Lewis family has designed AwesomeAmerica.com -- a website for students, families and travelers. Each state has its own page featuring gorgeous photos, brief history, state facts and symbols, things to do and see. Kids can click on the state bird (and other native mammals) to hear the sounds they make. Quotes from the founding fathers giving honor to God are displayed on every page.

Visit: AwesomeAmerica.com

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