Michael Lewis Ministry - One of CCMs hottest performing guitarists

Michael Lewis and Gibson 335 Guitar

People of all ages express great appreciation for
Michael's inspiring performances!

Michael Lewis is dynamic in concert
whether with a band or as a solo act.

In concert, Michael sings and plays acoustic and electric guitars.
He is accompanied by dynamic soundtracks or his all-pro Nashville band, One Street Over.

When performing solo, Michael switches between electric and acoustic guitars, performing with soundtracks and live looping. Audiences watch as Michael records and assembles loops on the fly, creating his own live accompaniment. He then performs solos over the top of the impromptu recording. Michael's looping technique brought the crowd to its feet at the International guitar festival in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

More than just a guitarist, Michael's vocals range from passionate to powerful – his expressive voice conveying deep emotion. Listeners often comment on the underlying sense of reverence and peace that accompanies Michael's singing.

Our main ministry and most popular event ­ appropriate for ALL age groups. Contemporary Christian music performed by a seasoned performer, talented vocalist and an amazing guitar player. Yet clearly, the focus of the evening is Jesus -- contemporary music as prayers, praise and worship. Gradually, Michael begins to intersperse the songs with stories and teachings -- drawing from the scriptures or from his own walk with the Lord, the message is an exhortation to embrace the living presence of Jesus and put Him in the center of your daily life. The concert lasts approximately 2 hours and is truly an opportunity to encounter Jesus.

  Concerts for YOUTH

An upbeat set of music and radical guitar playing mark Michael's youth set – often walking out into the audience while performing an amazing solo! He speaks directly to where kids are at, without mincing words – the message is "are you ready to live as a Christian? To embrace Jesus, live for Him with courage and heart and seek Him first in all you do?" Many teens come to the concert questioning the reality of God – wondering if Christianity is relevant for their lives. They've heard what the world has to say, but by the end of the night, teens have heard a message that condtradicts the trends of society. They hear straight out that happiness and peace can't be found in possesions, clothes, sex or video games. God's message for them –you are precious in the eyes of the Lord and He will forgive your every failing. Youth today need to understand that there is an emptiness inside that only God can fulfill and the answers to life's questions are right in front of them – in the word of God.

  Michael Lewis and his world-class band – One Street Over
Michael Lewis and One Street Over

Michael's World-Class Band, One Street Over, from Nashville, Tennessee, is comprised of some of the top musicians in the world – all of whom have recorded and toured with major artists. If you've ever heard the quality of musicians coming out of Nashville, you understand how good these guys are. Some of the musicians Michael has brought on tour include grammy-award winning players and players with résumés that read like a who's who in music. Featured in the photo with Michael (at left) are grammy-award winning bassist – Chris Kent, and master session drummer – Brian Fullen.


  Intensive Ministry for Your Church
image Many Churches are booking Michael Lewis for multiple back-to back events.
We are seeing great spiritual impact resulting from this intensive ministry.
Below is a sample schedule:
Friday Concert for local Christian High School
Saturday Workshop for Church Musicians followed by Contemporary Music Group Practice
& Sunday
Michael is Guest Worship Leader for One Song at all Liturgies / Services
Sunday Michael leads the Contemporary Church Music Group (and Youth) Liturgies / Services
Monday Concert
Tuesday Spark Night – open to everyone seeking more with God – especially those who were touched by the Lord during the concert and would like more time to be ministered to.
Wednesday Workshop for Staff & Lay Ministers
Michael Lewis and his wife, Marjie, have devoted themselves to serving the Lord since their late teens. Committed to the call of discipleship and evangelism – the Lord has blessed them with the talents and spiritual gifts necessary to accomplish the vision He has placed in their hearts. Their two oldest children, David and Christina, are also available as speakers for College and High School events. Visit the "Workshops" page for more information. Michael Marjie David Christina Lewis
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