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A Michael Lewis Concert requires

MINIMAL EFFORT from the Sponsor

We provide:

• Customized Promotional Package
• Sound System and Lighting
• Road Crew for Equipment and Product Tables

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  Customized Promotional

Includes everything you need to sponsor and promote the concert properly,
pre-printed and ready for use, including:

• Concert Posters & Flyers
• Bulletin Announcements
• Newspaper Press Releases & Photos
• Radio Announcement

Also available for large venues:

• Concert C-card for Internet Promotion
• Custom Radio Spot

Tried and tested, it's everything you need to ensure a great turnout!

  Professional Sound System Michael brings a high quality, wide stereo-output sound system which he personally tunes to the venue as part of the setup. Michael has toured as a live sound engineer for major label artists and major auditoriums – as you can imagine, this experience makes a difference – the system sounds great!
  Stage Lighting System Worried about the lighting in your church? Not a problem, we bring a 3200w lighting system that adds color and focus to the concert evening.
  Concert Personnel Michael's family has years of experience as his "road team". Michael usually brings 6 people to handle everything: unloading & reloading equipment, set up of the sound system, lighting and product tables, passing out flyers, greeting visitors, etc. Michael's wife is an excellent sound engineer with over 15 years of live and studio experience. She runs the console during the concert, keeping the mix comfortable and balanced throughout the show. Michael's family "road team" takes a lot of pressure off of him and the concert sponsor – assuring that every aspect of the event runs smoothly.
By following the instructions in our promotional pack and getting every ministry in your church involved, these events are very successful – turnout is great and those who attend are blessed with an evening that is both entertaining and spiritually impacting. Past Sponsors comment that Michael's concerts are very easy to promote!
  Must Be
Thoroughly Advertized

Pastors tell us that we have one of the best promotional packages they've seen. It's easy and carefully worded for maximum effectiveness. We know you want to have a great turn out and assure that everyone will have a positive experience which is why we require our sponsors to follow the instructions to have the most impact. We will send you preprinted promotional materials with a checklist of where to send everything. We also follow up with phone calls from our Promotions Assistant to assure that everything is going smoothly.

  Product Sales Michael's albums are to be available at the concert and, for weekend events, at each of the services.

• Hotel Close to the Venue
• Non-Smoking Rooms
• Fitness Room or Club

Our ministry involves very late and unpredictable hours so Bed & Breakfasts do not work out well for our team.
Long hours and days of traveling also make a Fitness Room a great necessity.

  Michael - Solo Performance

TWO Non-Smoking Rooms (Two Queen Beds in Each Room)

  Michael with Band Please contact us for specific lodging requirements.
  Weekday Concert
or Workshop
requires ONE Night of Lodging
  Sunday Concert
requires TWO Nights of Lodging
  Morning Events requires TWO Nights of Lodging

Most of Michael's concerts are booked as part of a tour which enables us to travel without requiring any additional travel expense compensation. If your booking is an individual date, additional travel expense charges may apply and will be requested at the time of booking.


Creative ways to meet expenses for Michael's concert ministry

with Guaranteed Minimum

To make Michael's concerts affordable for every church, we set a "guaranteed minimum" fee based on church size and expected attendance, to meet expenses. An offering is taken during the concert. If the offering falls short, the church makes up the difference.

With our experience, effective promotional materials and instruction on how to rally your congregation, you'll find it is very feasible to get a turnout that will more than cover the expenses of a concert. Even if the turnout or the offering falls short, most churches find the concert evening to be a worthwhile opportunity to minister to their church and community. They discover the rewards outweigh the investment. Some churches take a second collection with their Sunday offerings to assure they meet the required minimum.

  Stipend A flat rate in situations where it is not appropriate for an offering to be taken during the concert / event.
  Business Sponsors
with Guaranteed Minimum
Business Owners who support your church's ministry activities may want to financially sponsor the concert. Their logo and business info are included in the promotional materials and the concert brochures which are given to everyone in attendance. Any remaining balance is covered by a guaranteed minimum by your church. An offering is taken during the concert to recoup all expenses. When business sponsors are involved, the concert may become not only a spiritually impacting event, but also a fundraising opportunity. Contact us for details.
  Ticket Sales
with Guaranteed Minimum

Tickets would be available for purchase from:

• Your church
• Local Christian stores,
• Online.

Contact us for details.

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